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Asking how we Care

This last week in class we mostly workshopped and discussed our isms maps. I was out on Thursday because I was preparing to guide the Climate Conversations event of the Environmental Affairs Symposium. It went beautifully, I feel! And I look forward to collecting feedback to hear what it was like for participants.

I’ll do a brief update on my isms map in this post, to document its changes over time. Here is its current version:

Version 1. 27 Oct. Made on MindMeister.com

What we refer to as “isms” are just the concepts that fill out this map, like urbanization/counter-urbanization (in section “Modern”) or Green democracy/governmentality (“Public sphere”).

There’s a lot yet to do in figuring out, via this map, how to do interdisciplinary with coherence.

For instance, the green arrows almost suggest to me that the Public Sphere is my central point (not Meaningful Action). And also, there are concepts (such as feminist ethics/virtue ethics) that have huge amounts of literature I have basically never touched, which is daunting. So I don’t want to pick too many isms that overload me with new knowledge I won’t be able to adequately grasp in short time. That’s a big challenge of interdisciplinary weaving—finding the gaps that do need to be filled, and filling them wisely.

Another way of sketching it could be this!:

Version 2. 27 Oct. Made on MindMeister.com

A lot to figure out, and this will come more clear during this next week of consultation, class, readings, and turning in assignment.

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  1. Hi Georgia, it looks like you’re making progress! I like the idea of having a single topic that the other feed into. It looks like the public sphere represents the meeting of social relations and nature, which I think capture you question about care in an uneven world. The ‘modern’ ism is the only one I am curious- how exactly are you inter-twining modernism here? Based on the first map it becomes part of social relations but separate from public sphere, I am wondering how those two work together.

  2. It is great to see how the concept mapping has been influencing your thought process. I have also found them quite illuminating to think through. Your symposium event went beautifully as well, I think it opened space for deep empathy which I appreciated a lot. Look forward to seeing how your work progresses.

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