forest management & wood products

We specialize in project development for innovative wood products that strengthens the link between communities, forest and watershed health, climate mitigation and resilience.

Mass Timber & Housing

Mass timber encompasses a range of engineered wood products with structural value. Our focuses within the industry are on building out a regenerative mass timber supply chain to strengthen mid-scale forestry businesses and scale up forest health treatments, and developing modular/kit single-family housing in response to the affordable housing crisis and for rebuilding fire-hardened homes after loss from wildfire.

Large Wood

Large woody debris, or large wood for short, provides essential habitat in streams—such as for salmon in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. We work to support sustainable sourcing of large wood for watershed restoration projects where engineered log jams are deployed to modify river behavior for improved habitat and other outcomes.

Woody Biomass

Wildfire risk reduction and second-growth thinning forest management activities produce woody biomass residuals. The biomass provides a good option for energy production (thermal, combined heat-and-power, hydrogen fuel) and/or sequestration (biochar or geologic carbon capture). We support the development of biomass utilization projects across multiple sectors.

Wood Products Campus

The wood products campus model is a demonstrated approach to stimulating a regenerative forest economy by co-locating multiple mid-scale wood products businesses and biomass utilization at a single industrial site. The site might include a log deck, biomass processing and storage areas, and hosts a sawmill, value-add products businesses such as furniture or mass timber production, biomass energy facilities, and thermal/electrical energy users, such as greenhouses, kilns, and microgrids.

wood products
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